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Startup screen
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Satellite search
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Position screen
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Navigation screen 1
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Navigation screen 2
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Navigation screen 3
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Navigation screen 4
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Navigation screen 5
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Navigation help
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Route screen
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Store waypoint
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Menu screen 1
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Menu screen 2
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Menu screen 3
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Mode select
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Help select
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Abbreviations help
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Turning off screen
Motorola is looking back on a long history in manufacturing radio equipment. In 1930 they built the first car radio. Only one handheld GPS-receiver was developed by motorola, the Traxar. This unit with outstanding design was presented in 1993. In my opinion this is the most beautiful GPS receiver in look and feel ever built. It has an innovative "Soft-key" user interface. A help function provides information about the usage and abbreviations.
The Traxar has an alphanumeric display with three lines of information, the fourth line is reserved for the soft-key function. Initialization is an automated feature. The Traxar has a six channel parallel GPS receiver. Five screens provide navigation information. The Traxar can store up to 100 waypoints and 10 routes consisting of 10 legs each. The unit can be operated with 49 map datums. The Traxar has a man overboard feature and a breadcrumb-route can be stored.
The Traxar is operated by six AA batteries, a 12 volt adapter was available. With an optional installation bracket data output, differential input and audible alarm was possible.
There were different versions, the Traxar, Traxar+ and the Traxar MG+. The Traxar+ is differential ready, the Traxar MG+ is able to display the position in different grid systems as UTM and MGRS. Philips manufactured the Traxar as the "Philips PHN 101".
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The Traxar initializes fully automatic, there is no user input necessary.

100 waypoints
10 routes
5 navigation screens
Data output / DGPS input (with SmartBracket)
49 map datums
Dimensions: 190mm x 90mm x 50mm
Weight: 570 g